Pool Store 2 Your Door

Cairns Pool Shop and Service is revolutionising home pool care.
Introducing Cairns Pool Shop & Service’s Pool Store 2 Your Door

If you’re a resident or commercial property owner with an array of pool cleaning and chemicals to purchase and you’re a busy professional that doesn’t always get time to visit Cairns Pool Shop & Service to grab your chemicals for a weekend clean, then let Cairns Pool Shop & Service bring it to you, revolutionising the way pool servicing has been part of the norm for years!

Cairns Pool Shop & Service has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to your pool’s health and maintenance needs. We’re always trying to be innovative when it comes to taking the hassle out of cleaning your own pool. If you’re the type that enjoys getting in your own pool, then we have a great new product release!

How It Works

Cairns Pool Shop & Service will visit your pool, run a water test and depending on the results and chemicals that your pool needs, our Pool Store 2 Your Door service will leave a package at your property with just the right amount of chemicals and salt you require for your pool and you can add these chemicals at your own leisure. Custom instructions come with every Pool Store 2 Your Door package.

  • If you have no time to go shopping, let us come to you and save!

  • Printed water analysis and chemicals to add to your pool will be left onsite for you to add at your convenience

  • Water analysis will be e-mailed to you for record keeping

The Benefits

Establish a Pool Store 2 Your Door monthly account and enjoy the many benefits that come with this, including a free pool and equipment health check.

  • Coming home to just the right amount of chemicals needed for your pool + empty basket

  • Regular visits to check pool health

  • No inflated service price, just the good old Cairns Pool Shop & Service pricing

  • Pool Shop 2 you – no need to go to shop

  • Basic pool equipment checks each visit

  • Computer analysis – kept on file for up to 24 months

  • Chemicals left onsite to add at your leisure (with instructions)

  • Receive discounts on selected Cairns Pool Shop & Service equipment

  • You can still drop your own water sample off into our shop

  • No contracts!

  • No hidden fees!


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