Cairns Pool Service

At Cairns Pool Service we understand that not everyone has the time to clean and maintain their pool. We deliver a professional and convenient service to suit your specific needs and budget.

Cairns Pool Service delivers an efficient, fast and thorough pool cleaning service at your convenience. Our regular Pool Management Service is available on a Monthly, Fortnightly or Weekly schedule. As a qualified pool technician you can depend on Will from Cairns Pool Service for a professional, prompt and satisfactory service. To set up an affordable and thorough cleaning schedule for your pool, go ahead and contact Will at Cairns Pool Service today!

Along with our Pool Management Service we also offer Swimming Pool Solutions for all your swimming pool needs: Energy Efficient Pool Pumps, Pool Equipment Sales, Service & Repairs, Pool Cleaning, Pool Service & Pool Maintenance, Pool Water Testing & Analysis, Pool Fence Safety Inspections, Pool Maintenance Demonstration/Instruction Service, Green Pool Recovery/Clean Ups & Commercial Servicing & Maintenance…


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